The use of LED lighting to replace standard commercial light fixtures offers significant cost reduction in both energy and maintenance, while improving light quality and benefiting the environment.

Benefits of using LED Lighting and light fixtures are:



LED light fixtures often use ¼ of the electrical energy to operate, and do so at lower voltages, making them safer for operators and equipment alike. With energy costs climbing continually, electrical costs can drop by 80%, depending on the fixtures being replaced


Energy production is often expensive and not environmentally friendly. Whether it is energy from a coal fired power plant or a nuclear facility, the cost to the environment to provide electricity is great. By reducing usage, the need for more and expanded facilities is reduced, and the carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) per lumen of light is lowered forever. LED’S use no hazardous gases such as mercury or lead. In 1 year, a 1000w MH fixture would create over 4300lbs of CO2 emmisions. A LED replacement would REDUCE the carbon footprint by 3,000 lbs.


With operating life greater than 65,000 hours or over 16 years, LED lighting eliminates costly bulb replacement, usually done every year, sometimes more. With bulb changes often requiring qualified electricians with special access equipment, a bulb replacement can cost up between $ 100 to $ 250 depending on location, you may also need a ballast putting the cost upwards of $475. parking lot lighting service

Often the reduced maintenance costs alone can pay for both the new LED fixture and the installation alone, with the energy savings being an added benefit.

Light Quality

With a high scoptic value, the improved white light of an LED fixture is often more desirable than the typically soft yellow light output that standard industrial and commercial fixtures provide. This improved lighting improves appearance of building and landscapes, highlights dimly lit areas better and provides improved lighting for safety and security. The improved light quality from LED fixtures is one of the additional benefits this technology provides

By using our Easy Calculator, LED Light Concepts can evaluate your cost savings and the benefits you can expect.

The example below is the typical savings in both energy costs and carbon reductions a typical shopping mall can expect with an LED light program implemented. The rates used are local, and could be higher in other jurisdictions.

Typical Shopping Mall Savings Report


(courtesy of LED Light Concepts)