9170667 sLED Light Concepts is a Western Canadian based company which specializes in applying unique and energy saving LED products to a variety of lighting applications.

Experienced in both commercial and retail lighting applications, LED Light Concepts can review and audit existing lighting for any use, whether it is indoor or outdoor signage, interior lighting or outdoor illumination for both effectiveness and energy efficiency and then offer many options to reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and provide safe and suitable lighting for most applications.

As more energy and carbon incentives become available, and the green movement continues to press for companies to evaluate their ecological footprints, LED Light Concepts can offer clients the ability to participate and be recognized for their efforts while realizing substantial savings in energy and maintenance Costs.


led-parking-lot-lightingLight Emitting Diode (LED) technology was developed for commercial use in the 1960’s for use in low wattage applications as an electrical component where low energy consumption was critical, such as indicator lights on battery operated devices.   This type of lighting is referred to as electroluminescence, as compared to incandescent or florescent.

With the benefits of LED as an alternative light source, the technology has evolved from the original red control panel light to being a practical alternative to traditional lighting available in residential, commercial and retail applications.


  • Low energy consumption – up to 80% less energy used to produce the same amount of visual brightness depending on the application.  A high scoptic value make it appear brighter to the human eye
  • Long Life – up to 65,000 hours in cold weather applications
  • Robust – almost unbreakable and performance improves in cold weather applications
  • Exceptional color rendering – no ultra-violet light to fade or damage material
  • Focusable – square, round or rectangular, put light where you need it with no light trespass, great for highlighting material
  • Environmentally Friendly – no hazardous materials, reduces calculated CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour from 1.3 lbs to less than half a pound.  These savings are being used to calculate carbon credits in some jurisdictions
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs – long life means fewer replacements over the life of a fixture, typically more than 5 years before replacement is required
  • Dimmable – allowing for more control of ambient light and even greater energy savings

With LED technology now a reliable and cost saving alternative to your existing light sources, and the other tangible benefits evident, LED Lighting should be a key consideration in any projects involving improving lighting, reducing energy consumption or participating in green initiatives.

As a full service provider, from developing the lighting strategy to providing and installing the product, LED Light Concepts can be a valuable partner from start to finish.